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Grow your Android App User Base

Our high-converting marketing campaigns help you dramatically boost your direct user base with incentivized traffic from the official google playstore.

Fast campaign creation

The complete setup for a new campaign only takes minutes. This way you can start your android marketing campaign today and see the results in just a few days.

Cloud-based Service

You don’t have to install any sdk to create android app marketing campaigns. Simply link your official playstore page in the dashboard and we will use it as the download source.

In-Depth Analytics

Learn more about the users that are interested in your app. Within the dashboard, you will get the data for the installs up to the device level so that you know exactly what works.

Free geo targeting

Installs from specific countries are known to increase your ranking in the country. The dashboard allows you to create geo targeted campaigns for free and helps you get more findable.

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Android App Marketing

Burst Android App Marketing Install Campaigns

Buy high amounts of android app installs for your app with incentivized app marketing. The burst app marketing campaigns are designed to influence the overall top chart rankings with high android app install amounts in short time frames to increase the ranking and the organic installs you can recieve. Every  Buy Android App Installs Campaigns includes free Geo Targeting.

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High Retention Android App Promotion Campaigns

Retention is a major problem with incentivized android app installs as the google playstore takes retention time into account to determine app rankings. With high retention app marketing campaigns we can provide a solutions for this problem as we guarantee a minimum of three day retention after the download. Uninstalls prior to this phase are not counted as conversion so you will get free downloads in this case.

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Android App Marketing Agency
Android App Marketing And Google Play

Keyword Android App Promotion Campaigns

Most organic traffic comes to specific search terms and not the overall top rankings in the playstore. To give publishers a solutions to increase the specific keyword rankings, we provide keyword search android app marketing campaigns. Currently, we can not deliever this in self-service, so we will run and manage this campaign for you and provide all analytics via email.

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Burst Android App Installs

$ 0.08  / Installs

Standard Android App Install

  • Free Geo Targeting
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Fast Campaign fullfilment
  • Up to 10.000 installs per day
  • Real Devices and Real Users

Retention Android App Installs

$ 0.18 / Install

Guaranteed 3 Days Retention

  • Free Geo Targeting
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Up to 10.000 Installs per day
  • Guaranteed three day retention after installs
  • Real Devices and Real Users

Keyword Search Android App Install

$ 0.25  / Install

Increase your findability in the playstore

  • Free Geo Targeting
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Keyword Installs
  • Up to 10.000 installs per day
  • Real devices and real users

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