Android App Burst Campaigns


The effect of burst app marketing

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Android App Burst Campaigns are an effective mobile app user acquisition channel that focusses on fast results in a very short time frame. It helps app developers and startups to rank at the top of any category within the app stores.

The top places in the app stores are helpful to reach the targeted app user audience and can even sometimes help the app to go viral.

This way, a successful burst campaign also increases the organic app downloads with qualified and engaged users.

What is a burst campaign?

Burst campaigns in-app marketing have the purpose to increase the visibility for apps in the official app stores with a huge amount of installs to increase the ranking within the overall top chart rankings.


This burst of installs is intended to occur within a short timeframe to maximize the ranking effect each additional install provides.

The common concept is to burst an app for up to five days with maximum exposure to see the viability of the app in top ranking positions and the additional organic traffic that the top places receive.


This can either result in a permanent top ranking due to the organic uplift from the rankings or in user data that can help to optimize the further marketing approaches.

The effect of burst app marketing

Source: https://www.tune.com/de/blog/implementing-effective-burst-campaigns/



The common pricing model used for this campaign type is CPI – Cost Per Install. The most cost-effective way is using incentivized installs due to the massive increase in media cost within non-incentivized media placements like Facebook ads or AdWords for apps.


What are incentivized campaigns in burst app marketing?


Incentivized app installs are based on the fact that users get a reward from the advertising compared to the more traditional banner, interstitial or video ads. These can be done trough offerwalls or rewarded videos.


Common examples are games that offer additional lives for gamers that watch videos or in-app coins to buy premium purchases.


On the other hand, non-incent ads are the classic version of an ad that shows a download now button at the end of a video or a banner/interstitial providing some basic information about an app with the download now button next to it.


The more narrow targeting that non-incentivized ads can provide results in a much higher cost per install compared to incentivized installs. For burst app marketing campaigns, non-incentivized download strategies can therefore not deliver any sustainable amount of installs as the targeting for the campaigns drives the cost and limits the number of possible installs.


Of course, the measure of success from a marketing campaign can and should be much more in-depth, but the intention of the campaign should always be the deciding point to choose the best campaign type.


For overall success with non-incentivized marketing campaigns, you generally want:


  • To engage the users to stay involved with the app over a longer period of time
  • To decrease the amount of uninstalls that occurs right after the campaign
  • To increase the life-time-value of the user’s through better targeting


Incentivized burst app marketing campaigns, on the other hand, have a different focus:

  • Increase the overall app ranking
  • Get massive volume of installs in a short time frame
  • Recieve the organic uplift of the high positions and organic installs from the app store


Of course, to receive such a high ranking that you actually benefit from the organic installs from the app store involves some massive marketing budget. For example, a top ranking in the google playstore u.s. involves around 120.000 installs within a week. This amount of installs from non-incentivized ads would cost a tremendous amount, so reaching it with a new app only with standard marketing will be near impossible. But there are other benefits as well.

Benefits of Burst App Marketing Campaigns

App Marketing

App Marketing

1.) There two major App Markets, the Apple App Store and Google Playstore, have a combined volume of over 6 million apps in 2018 according to AppAnnie. This number increases every day with over 500 new apps released. This means that just the development of a great app with the intent to solve problems is certainly not enough to win the competition over the top placement. Burst campaigns can be a tremendous way to get recognition and exposure to a massive audience with the positive aspect of shorter fulfilment times and less money involved.


2.) The amount of time and effort involved to rank a newly launched app within the top 100 of an apps category is high and the difficulty increases every single day. With apps, there is no guarantee that users are willing to use new apps to the point that they can be counted as a success. Even with the perfect launch campaign, there is still a risk involved. Burst campaigns can help to find the right spots for an app to reach to see the potential and validate all the data. This makes them a huge oportunity for app developers and startups to reach more exposure for the app and to get a chance with a better ranking oportunity in any category.

3.) Test runs within the family or with the helps of friends can help to find bugs and other problems within the app. But to get a real validation by the market, this is not enough. Getting more and more users involved within a short time frame can help to determine the destiny of an app as the acceptance of real users is the only real factor that decides.

The competition is harsh within the market what makes it even harder to get organic installs without the implementation of marketing approaches. Most marketing approaches are either limited by a low quantity or quality of installs that can be achieved within a short time frame. Burst installs on the other hand focus purely on the quantity of the app installs as the quality part comes organically after the campaign from the higher placements. This will help to increase the amount of feedback and reviews organically and from a wide range of users.

4.)  It is always the easiest way to say that “If I were you”.

It is the same when it comes to competition.

Think for a second.

What happens if you have a chance to simulate your competitors’ position in your category?

You will have an amazing chance to think and act like your competitors and see the opportunities, threats, weaknesses, and strengths coming from being at the top!

5.) Why not your app becomes the next PokemonGO if it is qualified enough for this?

Well, burst campaigns give you this opportunity.

By ranking at top via burst campaigns, you can have a chance to go viral.