Android App Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

richtech.solutions FAQ

1. What is richtech.solutions and what are your services?

richtech.solutions is an efficient platform for android app developers, that allows them to control marketing budget and mobile ad campaigns in self-service.

Our platform allows you to manage the financial distribution to your promotional campaigns based on the CPI Pricing Model.

By using this service, you are able to bring your app into Top Ranking Positions in the official Google Play Store and thus make it visible for the whole world.

2. What are the main benefits of the app install platform?

The richtech.solutions Dashboard at richtech.mediad.mobi and dashboard.richtech.solutions allows you to:

  • Take control over your marketing balance and the campaign volume distribution in self-service.
  • Create new app marketing campaigns within just 1 minute if your advertising budget is sufficient.
  • Benefite from immediate app marketing results
  • Analyze your campaign in real-time
  • Connect with 100% real users and 100% real devices.

3. What does “boost campaign” mean?

Whenever you need to benefit from higher ranking in the android app market, you need to boost the amount of installs you get for your android app to improve organic growth.

A boost campaign is designed to deliever high amounts of installs within a short time frame.

This leads to higher rankings within the playstore as the official google play ranking algorithm takes this as a major ranking index.

Due to the massive traffic, organic users growth can be expected as  the organic search results are the most important long term install provider for apps. In other words, you can attract more potential users, which leads to higher revenue by buying android installs.

4. How can I pay for the service?

We offer two payment options, paypal and bank transfer.

For budgets up to $1.000 we currently only accept paypal.

For the bank transfer data, please write an email to chris@richtech.solutions

5. Do i need to create banner ads or video ad or implement an SDK for the marketing?

No, they are not. The tracking is build into the proprietor technique, used to visualize to offer to the users. The ads are created automatically.

6. When can I launch my first app marketing campaign?

As soon as you have budget in your account that is higher then the mandatory minimum of $2, you can launch your first campaign.

7. How can I control the marketing budget?

You need to top-up your balance first.

The minimum sum is $2 per campaign.

Feel free to set a total or a controllable cap managing the amount of money you spend per app daily/hourly.

8. Is there any minimal Conversion Rate?

Yes, there is.

The minimum conversion rate is 20%.

If the percentage is lower, the platform will automatically stop your ad campaign.

The main idea is to boost advertisers’ efficiency and productivity resulting in higher number of users who tap on ad or download the application.

9. What is CPI App Marketing?

CPI (Cost Per Install) is a marketing metric that depicts the cost of every successfull app installation proceeded by one user.

The rate could be different and depends on the installs volume and geo targeting.

By using the self-service dashboard at richtech.solutions, you are not paying any extra fees for geo targeting.

10. Can you provide some samples?

At the moment, we are providing a testing budget that can be used for sample installs directly.

The amount is currently $5 which can be used for any geo targeted or world wide burst install or high retention campaign.

Each app developer account can only use this offer once and every campaign will be checked before the approval to prevent fraud.

11. What are the incentivized installs?

Whenever a user receives a reward for an app installation, it results in incentivized traffic.

The reward can come in different forms.

This type of installs is mainly used to boost your app’s rankings and costs much less compared to non-incentivized traffic.

You can learn more about incent app installs and non-incent app installs in our blog.

12. Will real users install my application?

All of our users are real people and use real devices.

And after driving an incent campaign, your app will gain a massive growth of organic downloads from the official google playstore.

13. Having other questions?

Feel free to contact us whenever you need help.

Our professional Account Managers are always ready to answer any questions.