Our high-converting android game and app promotion campaigns help you dramatically boost your direct user base with incentivized traffic from the official google play store.

Fast campaign creation

The complete setup for a new app marketing campaign only takes minutes. This way you can start your android app promotion today and see the results in just a few days.

No SDK required!

You don't have to rework your android app to integrate any SDK to promote your mobile app with us. We work directly with your Play Store Page for optimal results for you.

App Promotion Dashboard

Create and optimize your android app promotion campaigns within our self-service dashboard. Just set your install goals and receive new downloads from real people for your android app.

Free Geo Targeting

We know how important it is to target the right users for your app. With us, you get free geo-targeting for every app advertising campaign - no predefined sets of countries, you choose what's best for you! This makes android app promotion pay per install a great way to optimize your budget

CPI App Promotion Campaign

$ 0.08
Fast Android App Promotion
Free Geo Targeting
Advanced Analytics
Fast Campaign fullfilment
5000 Installs + per day
Real Devices
Real Users

High Retention Install

$ 0.18
Guaranteed 3 Days Retention
3 Days Retention
Free Geo Targeting
Advanced Analytics
Fast Campaign fullfilment
5000 Installs + per day
Real Devices
Real Users

Keyword Search Install

$ 0.25
Get more visible in the Playstore
Free Geo Targeting
Advanced Analytics
Fast Campaign fullfilment
5000 Installs + per day
Real Devices
Real Users

Boost Install Campaigns

Run your mobile app advertising campaigns, boost your app downloads and buy android installs on cost per install base with incentivized app marketing campaigns. Give your app the chance to shine at the top of the play store charts.

High Retention Campaigns

With our mobile app retention strategies and campaigns, we can provide a solution for the major problem of fast uninstalls as we guarantee a minimum of three-day retention after the download. Mobile app retention is one of the main app store ranking factors that will influence the success of your app.

Keyword Search Campaigns

Complementary to App Store Optimization, our Keyword Search Campaign Type gives you a solution to increase the app keyword rankings of your Android App in the Play store. This works best if you track the keyword rank of your app with other tools like appannie.

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Promote android apps with us!

This is a great solution for your app promotion

Grow your user base and get successful in the crowded app market. Our mobile promotion service guarantees a high amount of installs and rapid traffic to your app.

We don't want to tell you how great we think this android app promotion service is, try it out for yourself and buy android installs. Take part in a new way to promote your app with one of the best cost per install ad networks.

The features of our CPI advertising for android:

  • Only real users;
  • Competitive pricing;
  • Fast app promotion;
  • Fully Self-Service App Promotion Dashboard;
  • Pay per install, not per Impression, so you literally buy mobile app installs

Increase your apps downloads and boost your apps promotional success!

How does it work? 

App promotion mobile advertising campaigns with our solution is simple: Just insert the link to your Playstore Page into our Dashboard, select your Geo Targeting and number of installs and you are ready to buy installs. Android app marketing in one easy platform!


Choose your targeted audience!

Geo-Targeting is extremely important for mobile android app promotion. Getting a ton of new downloads is great, but what makes it really successful is the right amount of installs in specific countries.

Because we know how important this is for your success, we offer you the ability to target specific countries for free!

Choose the exact amount of android installs you need!

We know how it is to start with a small budget. So here is our solution. Pay for what you want. Buy android installs in the exact amount your budget lets you. Don't pay for impression, pay for downloads. If you ever asked yourself how to get more downloads for your android app, this is the solution for you.

Increase your apps user base, increase your reviews, promote your app now!

There are a few factors you have to worry about every single day as an android promoter. Not with our app install marketing strategy. The app promotion strategies for your app on cost per install base will help you get higher rankings in the play store and then get even more organic mobile app installs that you can further combine with buy android app download campaigns.

Why we are the app marketing agency for you

Fully Adjustable Marketing Campaigns:

Boost your Android App Marketing with our easy and convenient app marketing dashboard. From Sign Up to the first campaign start can take only 5 minutes - you decide!

All the app downloads you need to get started:

With more than 5 million users worldwide, we can provide users for any campaign you wish!

Top-Notch Service:

Time is money - so we will always strive to help you with any questions as fast as possible. Your promotional campaign will be completed in no time!

Fraud Protection:

Our user base is strictly monitored so that you can buy android installs without worrying for bots, VPNs, emulators or any other fraud.

Integrated Tracking Solution:

We track all installs with our own tracking solution so that you don't need to install SDKs or third-party paid tracking. Just use your Google Analytics and Google Developer Dashboard.


Promote android apps on cost per install base

CPI - Cost per install is the fairest marketing rate you can find. You will only pay for what you get, so you don't have to waste money on impressions or clicks.

We want to make app marketing easy and reliable, so we provide a mobile ad network that will let you promote your Android apps with a few simple clicks and without high budgets.

Get a boost for your app, android app marketing was never this easy.


What you need to know about app advertising campaigns:

  • A broader targeting will help you in the beginning
  • Analyze your results daily to see if you need to make any adjustments for the maximum ranking improvements
  • Narrow your targeting ever so slightly to get the best results with your android app advertisements

The richtech solution will bring you fast and reliable results. Control your budget, stop overspending and maximize the success of your Android app promotion in real time.

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