App Advertising

Which App Advertising Platform should you use?

The number of mobile advertising companies is growing and with it, the possibilities.  This can make the choice quite frustrating on long-very. A quick google search shows a huge amount of potential networks with all kinds of benefits. But the real usage varies from publisher to publisher.

We offer you a wide range of advertising apps to promote your app for a competitive price and great feature - the free geo-targeting.


This makes us stand out from the crowd as most mobile advertising agencies want you to either bid on an ad placement or want you to pay an extra fee for specific geo-targeting. This makes our offer especially useful for advertisers and marketers alike.

Our professional marketing agency helps you manage and operate your mobile advertising in one of the most efficient mobile advertising platforms on the web.


Our key features and benefits are:

  • Fully optimized advertising campaigns;
  • Free Geo Targeting ;
  • Fast and Professional Customer Management and Support;
  • Over 2000 finished campaigns worldwide;
  • Performance tracking in our online dashboard;
  • A competitive price without bidding for real installs.

Our Mobile Advertising Formula

There is certainly no one marketing solution that fits every app and publisher, but our mobile app advertising networks provide a huge amount of tools and benefits that will help you in your app marketing.


Customized ad campaigns for your mobile app and free guidance via email will help you analyze and optimize your running and future marketing campaigns.

Customize your campaigns to target exactly the user base you intend to promote to. Generate data that you can further use for your mobile advertising campaigns and strengthen your mobile brand with thousands of new and cheap app installs.

Ad Network to Suit Your Needs

richtech.info offers access to an efficient network of ad placements and provides a secured service via PayPal. Your Data is secured within one of the strictest data security laws (Germany). This makes us reliable for your data security and helps us protect our users from any type of frauds.

If you want to get started, you will find a quick and easy way with our online mobile marketing platform. You can register for free and take a look at our offers.


We know how much impact a good price can make on the efficiency of advertising campaigns, so we stick to a simple solution: No bidding just fixed cost per install campaigns. This will help you generate higher revenue, more downloads, and better user acquisition and engagement rates.

As part of a worldwide marketing network, we are sure we can provide you with enough app installs to help you get a steady stream of profit.

Our dashboard features a user-friendly and easy-to-use solution with all the analytics you will need for your advertising campaigns. Manage and Optimize your ads in one easy ad solutions.

Our support team will help you via email to optimize your ad campaign or customize particular advertising options. Start now and profit from your mobile applications in no time.

Start Advertising Now!

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