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Successful app publishers can tell you one secret: the development is not the major problem – how you publish your app and promote it is critical. You have to develop a great app marketing strategy in order to come out on top of your competitors. And a short look at the App Stores shows: You will have competition. With over 4.1 million apps published in the major App Stores, any kind of app is probably available. But what can you do in order to stand out? I would argue that you should buy app downloads, especially if you just started out in the app market to get traction and users. Let’s find out how you can buy app installs and use it for success.

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Buy App Downloads As Part of Your App Marketing Strategy

Most app developers publish their app without thinking about a good marketing strategy first. This can have a tremendously negative effect on the performance of the app, as the amount of app downloads you can acquire in the first couple of weeks is important for your future success.

You probably heard of a section in the Google Play Store called the Top New Apps. You can also find this for specific categories.

Creating a good promotion strategy for your app in the first few weeks can help you rank high in these categories which will, in turn, lead to massive exposure and organic downloads.

As a general rule I would suggest:

for a publisher who has many apps. In turn, you will realize that you will need some assets and a following all ready to use at least two of those methods. What you can do is use your money to accelerate or compensate for any missing channel. Especially if you are a new developer and just finished your app after months of work and time can become your worst nightmare.

By targeting a relevant audience and finding a suitable approach to these users, you will have a much higher chance of success.

As you can see, there are some possibilities for you and your app promotion strategy. For example, ASO (App Store Optimization) can help you get a better app store ranking and improved findability through search. For this, you should optimize your apps name and description with some suitable app store keywords. Your app store icon will also have a significant impact on your click-through rate as well as your screenshots and app promotion video. You should optimize the app store appearance to attract and convert new users organically from search.

There are other app promotion strategies, free and paid, as well and you should use as much of them as possible, depending on your budget. Let’s check which channels you can use.

Free App Promotion

To promote your app free, you can use great sources like social media or Reddit. Or you can use relevant app promotion sites to advertise your new app for free. You should also create a landing page for your app so that you can use SEO for another free channel. This way you can actively reach out to potential users of your app and engage them.

Paid App Promotion

Paid App Installs


The main focus of this article is going to be about paid app promotion, especially one way of it. I want to show you how to buy app downloads as a way to promote your app. The great thing about this is, that paid installs for your app will lead to an increased ranking of your app, but you have to keep a few things in mind. Generally, you can buy app downloads in two ways: incent or non-incent.

Incentivized App Downloads

With incent app promotion campaigns, users will get a reward for interacting with your mobile ad. This, in turn, will lead to higher download rates. A higher download count from non-bot sources will, in turn, help you achieve higher ranking positions for your app. With better rankings comes better visibility and this is targeted to increase the organic traffic and organic downloads from the App Store.

As with everything, this also has a downside I don’t want to hide from you:

The effect of these burst campaigns is normally rather short, permanent usage of your app cannot be guaranteed. The amount of app downloads is also not the only factor Google and Apple use to determine the ranking in the App Store and Play Store. You can read more about the Ranking Factors here.

High Retention App Download Campaigns

We at richech.solutions offer a special campaign type to uphold one significant factor of incentivized app install campaigns and the Play Store in general. Most users will uninstall your app prior to the third day, no matter which channel they come. You can buy app downloads from us where users will have to retain the app for at least three consecutive days or they will not get rewarded. This will increase your overall retention rate drastically and influences another ranking factor.

Non-Incent App Downloads from Ads

The other, more commonly known method of advertising is non-incent install campaigns. This campaign type does not reward app users for interaction, thus the users show a real interest in the advertisement. This can be extremely profitable – if the user stays and engages with your app longer and more in-depth then with incentivized installs.

You should always make sure that the amount of loyal users you can get for your budget is higher with non-incentivized downloads then when you buy app downloads from incentivized sources. In our blog, you can find some examples of rich media ads which you can use as an example.

Higher retention rate alone should not make any advertising channel your favorite. You should analyze a few other factors as well when you analyze the cost per paid install. Look at the example:


Non – Incent DownloadsIncent Downloads
Cost Per Install$0.80$0.08
Loyal User (Retention Rate)25%5%
Cost per Loyal User$3.20$1.60

Of course, you should always find your own concept of what a loyal user means for you and your app. Some might think that a certain time frame of the retention means that a user is loyal as for others, it can mean that a certain task within the app, like a stage/tutorial or in-app purchase, is all they want from a loyal user. If you can determine this, you have a greater opportunity to make the most out of your advertising and marketing channels.


 Incent or Non-Incent App Installs – what should you buy?


Buy App Downloads

Unfortunately, I can’t give you a clear answer to this. You will have to decide on your own if and how you want to buy app downloads. What I can give you are some things to consider:

  • Your App Promotion Goals – Is a boost to your app’s ranking more important than the time that users keep it? Or do think it is more important for your long-term strategy to only spend on users who show real interest in your app and only slowly work on your organic growth?
  • Your Time Restraints – Non-incent install campaigns will take quite some time before you can actually see any effect on your app’s ranking if you are not going to invest huge sums.
  • Your Budget Restraints – How much money are you able to spend on marketing? Incent app download campaigns are often more cost-effective than non-incent campaigns.

If you can afford it, I would suggest you combine both methods and analyze which is the best type for you to buy app downloads.

After your launch, you can increase your app’s ranking and visibility to drive organic traffic from the start. Then you can combine it with more engaged users to increase your customer base and revenue in the long run and with that your overall long-term ranking and success.

iOS or Android – which is better?

This is the one essential question every new developer should ask before creating a new app. Here is an overview of the different factors so that you have a good indication on which app store you should publish your app in first.

Google Play StoreApp Store
Far more users and possibly more downloads and installs than Apple. The number of uninstalls affects your ranking position.The customers are more willing to pay for an app. The ranking algorithm takes this into account when ranking an app. If you want to buy app downloads from iOS, the price is generally 5 times as high.
Less strict, which lead to more freedom with your content. Can, however, lead to bad experiences for beginners, as there is not much guidance. Spam apps are often seen.App approval time can take several days. However, you will get good feedback and chance to improve if your app gets rejected. Spam Apps are not often seen.
The majority of Users install free apps. This can make it difficult for Developers to make a profit with their apps.Users are generally more willing to pay for apps. This can make it easier to make a profit.
Featured Positions
Apps can get featured in several sections, “Editor’s Choice” and in the respective category.“Featured” highlights new and old apps for each category on the store’s front page.
Specific categories for “Top New Apps” and “Top New Games” and “Top New Selling Apps / Games” highlights new paid apps.Less specific categories, but Apps can get visibility by getting a feature in a category like “Popular Apps”, “App of the Week” etc.
Charts are ordered by free, paid and top grossing apps. There is a special category for “Games”.Each category is sorted by “Paid, Free and Top Grossing”.


Both app stores have their advantages as well as disadvantages. You should analyze both of them and think about your own marketing goals to decide which one is the better starting point. If possible, however, you should use both and get the most out of your app.

Buy App Downloads Checklist

Buy App Downloads Checklist

To finish this article off, I would like to give you some advice to make your decision on buying app downloads and promoting your app more efficient.

Free Apps are mandatory

Unfortunately, you will have a hard time to buy app downloads for a paid app. Instead, you should use this only if your app is free and available to download worldwide.

2. The process of buying app installs?

Most App Install Providers will make sure that the app gets opened after you buy the download at least once from each user.

So you should make sure that your app is as interesting as possible to get users hooked. Bugs can prevent this, so make sure your app is finished before you start paying for downloads.

If your app is fun to use and engaging, you should be able to keep a good percentage of the app users in your app over a longer time frame.

However, you should never take an offer from a provider that claims permanent engagement or even installs, as this is very unlikely, even with non-incentivized downloads.

You can use our High Retention offer to increase your retention rate with a limited time frame guarantee, which will often increase your user conversion even more.

3. Don’t buy App Reviews

There is a simple rule: don’t buy reviews for your app!

I’m part of a lot of social groups where I can see paid review offers every single day. And I can understand that this is very compelling, but they will have two effects on your app:

  • Organic users will see a lot of new reviews in a short time frame which seems kind of suspicious. Most of the time, these reviews are also written in a manner, that you can already see that no actual user is writing them.
  • The Play Store and the App Store check Reviews regularly and delete any fraudulent or manipulated reviews. This can in the worst case lead to a ban of your developer account and your app.

You should make sure that real app users get a prompt in the app to review it and rate it or send you any negative review directly. This will make it much more likely that you will get good reviews in the Stores which will further increase your ranking. Please don’t assume that any offer, even the high priced ones, will actually help you perform better in the long run.

4. Download Volumes

Most App Download providers work in a programmatic manner. This means you will have to set a bid per install and your ad will be shown if you are the highest bidder for the ad placement. We don’t. Programmatic bidding has its places but most often gets out of hand and out of touch with the price which is only good for one side, the network. Examples like the sudden Price increases for Facebook Advertising shows that this is not a sustainable method for most publishers. Take care when you take those offers as the prices can become so high that you can not make any Return in the long run.

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To Summarize

  • Set your Marketing Goals as soon as possible
  • Target one audience and try to acquire as much of them as possible
  • Set a time and budget limit for your campaign to test out as many channels as possible
  • Stick to channels that work well
  • Don’t buy app reviews

If you are interested, we offer different and fair install campaigns for you to buy app downloads. Take a look at our offers and determine if they fit your marketing goals.

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