How Are Rich Media Ads Different From Other Ads Format

Rich media ads are currently the most engaging mobile ads that you can use to promote your app.  But do you know why rich media ads are so effective? Let’s take a look at them and how you can use them to acquire more users from paid advertising for mobile apps and mobile marketing.

What are rich media ads?

Rich Media ads consist of digital advertising campaigns through interactive ads, which generate greater visibility and superior performance compared to traditional digital advertising campaigns given their greater visibility and appeal.

Depending on the type of content and type of application or web page we must use one or another format.

Examples of Rich Media Ads:


Expandable rich media ads
Source: https://blog.funmobility.com/2014/08/18/mobile-rich-media-ads-examples/

This is an ad that is activated when doing a rollover with the mouse: when the screen is centered in the area in which it is located, the ad is activated and usually begins a countdown that indicates the seconds remaining before the end of the ad. If instead the user continues scrolling down (or scrolls up) the ad is silenced equally.


Interstitial rich media ads

Source: http://www.trend.media/tag/interstitial-ads/

This is a full page ad that is loaded before the content of the page is displayed. They are usually used on mobile devices or in applications. It is recommended to place them in transition points in linear applications.


banner rich media ad
Source: https://www.mobileads.com/blog/mobile-rich-media-ads-examples-impress-audience-part-1/

This is the typical banner but in this case, includes much more striking visual or interactive elements. This type of ads is usually loaded once all the contents of the page have been shown.

Floating banner:

This is a banner with the characteristics of the interstitial format: that is, it is loaded before the content of the page is displayed. You can find an example for it here: https://storage.googleapis.com/rich_media_gallery_public/templates/DCRMHTML5inPageFloatingPolite300x250/preview.html

Expandable multidirectional (MDE) Ads:

This is an ad with mobility: depending on the place occupied by the advertisement on the web page the animation will occur in one or the other direction to occupy the maximum possible space. For example: if the ad is on the right side, the animation will be made to the left side, to occupy the total width of the screen when the user reaches that part of the web. Conversely, if the ad is on the left side, the animation will occur to the right side. You can learn more about MDEs here.

Multi-floating interstitial:

This is a series of interstitial ads that interact together and can be seen throughout the content or, on the contrary; remain fixed in a part of the web while the user is browsing the page.


This is the typical ad that appears from the header of the web and moves the content of the web down. It is a type of advertisement very common in online newspapers and magazines.


This is an ad that is also located at the top of the web, but this time in a corner: once the user interacts with the advertising, it is displayed and displayed, displacing the content of the same. the web down.


Video ads that are displayed in a specific space on the web: it is the same format as the banner, but in this case, the ads shown are video type.

Why use rich media ads interactive formats

Rich media interactive formats can have a number of benefits for online marketing campaigns that are developed in your company. It has an advantage over other types of ads format like banner ads and interstitial ads. Here, I list you, some of the most relevant benefits:

  • It offers you the possibility of being creative
    The interactive rich media formats adapt to many formats and are very versatile. You can show all your creativity. Rich media display ads offer marketers and designers the opportunity to be creative and take advantage of new formats that are constantly being developed.

For a while, there was very little news about online advertising. However, now the context has changed thanks to rich media ads and the possibilities they offer. Take advantage of them in your online strategies!

  • Improve engagement
    Users participate more in ads with rich media interactive formats. Whether out of curiosity or interest, the rate of click increases. An example is this Actimel ad in which users decide what kind of song they want to hear to have a good day.

In this way, you will improve your brand engagement. The interaction of the spectators is a new phenomenon that has been developing for a few years. So marketers should analyze how they will measure the success of these new types of ads.

In current online strategies and android app marketing, as well as in the principles of content marketing, it is proven that if you create impacts on users, you will improve engagement. In this case, if you manage to catch users with your advertising you will directly increase the engagement of your campaigns.

  • It allows you to create incredible ads for mobile devices
    HTML5 rich media ads have opened the possibility of creating new types of ads for mobile devices. All HTML5 ads, including rich media ads, can be viewed and interacted on mobile devices. This increases the possibility of creating creative ads in various communication channels. That yes, adapting each one to its specific characteristics.
  • Improved CTR and ad visibility
    The advance achieved with this type of advertising is that the click rates and the visibility of the ads in the rich media banners are improved compared to the standard banners. It is a logical echo: if the interest they generate in users is greater, the click rate will also increase. And it is difficult to resist this type of banners.
  • You will reach your audience in different ways
    It is obvious that different segments of your audience interact better with different types of media. Some people interact better with video, others with text, etc. With rich media formats, users will be able to communicate more effectively with different segments of their audience in the format they prefer. Since the rich media formats combine different possibilities under the same format. In this way, you can cover all your audience on all available platforms. This will, in turn, help you to get more users for your app.
  • They will remind you easier
    This change of types of advertising formats is due to the little success of the banners. The banners went unnoticed by the users or, on the contrary, they were too intrusive. Rich media ads offer a new opportunity to eliminate that negative feeling created by the banners.

When the first ad banner was developed, the click rate I had was very high. This was because at that time it was something innovative and created some curiosity. However, in recent years, users have become accustomed to static advertising and already go unnoticed.

Rich media interactive formats are presentations of ads offered in an innovative way. Therefore, they are remembered more easily and offer greater possibilities of clicking.

You will be able to obtain more data for a follow-up

It is possible to collect many more media ad data from rich media than standard banners.

You can see:

  • Impressions generated.
  • The click rate
  • You will collect data on participation.
  • Data on video playback.
  • And other interactions, depending on the type of ad you’ve created.

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