Mobile marketing – Why you should use it now! 

Mobile marketing is an area of digital marketing with a focus on mobile devices. Users no longer only inform and purchase products and services from their computers. The number of participants who use smartphones and tablets for this purpose continues to rise and cannot be ignored.


Mobile marketing encompasses many areas of online marketing, such as display advertising, content management, e-mail and SMS marketing, and social media management. Everything is conceivable, right up to the creation of a company’s own apps, which are particularly suitable for online stores in the field of e-commerce. Here we give you an overview of this form of online marketing.

Why Is Mobile Marketing Important?

Why is mobile marketing important?


Precisely because the percentage of users who use mobile devices on the Internet is constantly increasing, it is now essential for many advertisers to include mobile marketing measures in their online marketing strategy.


Many have already noticed that visitors who visit websites from mobile devices are more decisive and are quicker to sign up for a newsletter using their e-mail address, to register or to complete a purchase transaction. Mobile marketing wants to address these customers and create a direct interface where user opinions and feedback are taken into account in corporate communications and marketing activities.


What is important for mobile marketing?


In mobile marketing, the requirements are a little different than in regular online marketing. It is essential to take these requirements into account when creating the advertising strategy and media content:


  • The smaller screen of smartphones and tablets
  • The user behavior is different
  • The intuitive touchscreen

Not only do you need to adapt the website itself to the different screen sizes of mobile devices with responsive design, but also in-house apps and widgets if they are in the pipeline.


Advertising banners and ads need to be designed so that they can be placed between content and not on the side of the page, as on a PC.


The main focus of mobile marketing should not only be on the design, the technical requirements also play a major role. Fast loading times and comfortable use are the most important attributes of successful websites or online stores.


What are the advantages of mobile marketing?


The use of smartphones is increasing every year. While in 2014 only 41% of the population owned such a device, in 2019 it will already be a full 81.7%. Most use the various social media platforms in this way and surf the Internet in search of new trends, companies, and products.


This is where the advantages of mobile marketing become clear. Every advertisement and all marketing measures are tailored to the mobile target group. Smartphones are used for all kinds of search queries. So it doesn’t matter whether you run an online store on the Internet, sell insurance, or rent cars.


Thanks to mobile marketing, interactivity with customers is much easier to implement. Communication and advertising can be personalized and presented directly to users. This offers enormous potential for reaching young target groups in particular.


Mobile Marketing with Geo-Targeting


All mobile devices, i.e. smartphones and tablets, usually broadcast their location. This information is primarily used by Google to present location-specific companies with Google Business or to place targeted advertisements. For this purpose, the GPS function is used on the one hand or the IP address is located. If you now enter “Chinese restaurants nearby” in the search, you will be shown corresponding results thanks to the location-based service.

When analyzing your target group, regional or national restrictions can also be made, which are used to evaluate the characteristics of the consumers.


Mobile marketing is sometimes criticized because it relies heavily on location-based services. Here, you should make sure that the advertising information provided actually represents added value for users and does not aimlessly flood them with ads and commercials.


Tools and instruments for successful mobile marketing

Professional advertising agencies and marketing specialists rely on different tools to guarantee marketing success. We present the most important tools here. Depending on the company’s requirements, some tools work better than others. Here you should set up a sensible strategy with your marketing department to act efficiently and effectively.


Mobile commerce

Commercial actions such as orders and purchase transactions are carried out on the smartphone in mobile commerce. This can be a special section of your mobile website, for example, or an online store that is geared towards mobile devices.


App marketing

Mobile marketing also includes the use of apps. Especially if you run a successful online store or are a delivery service with a large regular clientele, it is worth investing in an app. These applications are optimally adapted to smartphones or tablets and convince with a very easy and fast operation.


Advertising banners and small ads can be placed in these applications in the best possible way. Apps can increase awareness, but should always be associated with added value for the user.


Mobile SEO

You must not forget the use of search engine optimization (SEO) in any case. Local SEO is a feature not to be underestimated, which improves local search on smartphones or tablets.


QR codes

The country of origin of these small cryptic characters is Japan. Here, the QR codes are already integrated into many mobile actions. The advantage of the small graphics: by scanning them, users can quickly reach the desired address without having to enter long URLs beforehand. While companies in Japan swear by this tool, the trend has not yet gained widespread acceptance in Germany and is almost seen as out again.


In-game mobile marketing

Small mobile games are funny and enjoy great popularity in mobile marketing. Ads and commercials can be targeted to these games. Intelligently placed pop-ups or small banners increase the reach and give mobile marketing an additional boost.


Mobile Advertising

Almost traditional mobile advertising is still one of the best ways to reach customers on mobile devices. All mobile marketing measures must be adapted to the small screens in order to be displayed optimally on smartphones and tablets. These particularly effective ad formats should be considered in your mobile marketing campaign:


  • Story ads, short moving images.
  • Video ads are particularly useful in the gaming sector.
  • In-app ads
  • Shoppable ads
  • Mobile payment and mobile banking

Mobile payment systems are now very widespread and represent a fast and secure form of payment that should be integrated into mobile marketing devices. In this way, customers can also pay in the local store with their smartphone, completely without cash.


In addition, there is a strong use of mobile banking. Transfers and payments can be made quickly, no matter where consumers are.


Mobile coupons

Mobile coupons are a great option to drive sales on smartphones and other mobile devices. Depending on the requirements of your mobile marketing strategy, coupons can be designed to be implemented both online and locally.


Tips for effective mobile marketing

The possibilities in mobile marketing are almost endless. Here, we’ll show you some tips that you can use in your strategy. The more efficient and targeted you use mobile marketing measures, the better you will reach your consumers. If you need support, contact one of the many specialized marketing agencies that create successful mobile marketing campaigns with a lot of expert knowledge.


Mobile friendly websites

Before you even start a mobile marketing campaign, make sure that your website is developed in responsive design. Because only with this programming your content will be optimally adapted to the different screen sizes of tablets or smartphones.


Optimal navigation on the website

A responsive website should have menu items, footer, and menu bar, all of which are navigable. While developing the responsive website, make sure that all buttons and links are compatible with mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. You should avoid overlaps at all costs.


Mobile-friendly content

Users on the go who visit your website come for a very specific reason. Get to the heart of your content with powerful headlines. Keep in mind that space is limited on small screens. Don’t waste it with unnecessary information.


Increase the visibility of your brand

Integrate into your marketing activity measures such as banners and ads that appear on mobile apps. These bring twice as much traffic as ads on mobile websites. The target group should be well defined for this purpose, as this is the only way to implement targeted marketing measures.


Let yourself be found

Google My Business is a great option, especially for local businesses to introduce themselves to customers and show up in search results. Simply register with Google and mark your address on the map.


The personal touch makes the difference

A personal connection to your customers is much more important than is always assumed. With a direct address in the newsletter subscription or in promotional e-mails, you establish contact with your users. Introduce yourself and your company and ask about the needs of your clients. In this way, you will learn much more about the behavior of your customers. How are the products received and what should be improved?


Use photos, video messages and storytelling to give your products and services a deeper meaning. People love emotional themes. Imagine you’re selling specialty coffee. Show your customers where the coffee they drink in the morning comes from. Maybe introduce employees in the country of production. What processes the coffee bean goes through. These are all ways of meeting your customers on an emotional level and binding them to your company. Because now they’re not just buying coffee. Now he’s buying a story.

Social Media For Mobile Marketing

Interaction on social media platforms

Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, three different platforms where you can communicate directly with your target group. Product introductions, testimonials, and feedback are important tools for successful mobile marketing.


When does it start for you?

As you can see, mobile marketing is taking on a crucial role and should be at the top of many companies’ to-do lists, as the use of mobile devices is steadily increasing. Almost everyone now owns a smartphone or tablet and uses it primarily for search queries, orders, and purchase transactions.


Internet usage takes place from anywhere. Here it is important not to lose contact of the company with the target group with responsive websites and mobile advertising. Use all forms of mobile marketing for mobile devices such as e-commerce, apps, mobile SEO, and mobile advertising to increase your visibility. And consequently your sales and success!


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