How to get more installs for your android apps in 2023

Promoting an android app and attracting people towards your app are two different approaches. But for both approaches you have to think about one essential question: how to get more installs for your app?

Promoting your app involves is an approach that demands strong marketing skills, especially in a crowded market like the Playstore.

Attracting users is something, that involves even more than that.

It involves a deep psychological understanding of how your potential user base would approach new apps to be truly successful.

Psychology, Personalities, and Tastes have a special role in the attraction of specific people, and you should learn as much as you can about it.

So here is some helpful information to attract more people to your brand-new app:


Get More Installs For Your App
Get More Installs For Your App


Try the pay-for-free approach to get more downloads for your app


Pay For Free App Marketing
Pay For Free App Marketing

Get more downloads for your app with a pay-to-free campaign

Pay-for-free is a pretty simple solution if you have a paid app that you want to market.

Take one or two of your features or maybe a really major feature of your app and cut it.

Cut it so that it is still useful, but not nearly as useful as your full product.

And then offer it for free on the market. People are much more likely to test something and then buy it rather then to just buy it.

People like free stuff, especially when it has a price tag to it in the first place.

That way, people will try out your apps free version and they will become curious about the whole product and are more likely to spend some extra money to buy the premium version.

This is a fantastic idea to attract more people towards your application because they will have a free piece of the cake.

People will try your free version and they’ll feel curious and willing to spend some extra money to buy the premium version.

This will also help you get higher rankings in the playstore in the long run.


Incorporate social media with every step you take to get more installs for your app

Get more installs for your app with social media

Social Media is your best friend in app marketing
Social Media is your best friend in-app marketing

Whether you are starting out fresh or your app is already established: build up your social media following. Social media is part of our daily life and people are using it on a daily basis.

By integrating social media and allowing users to share their experiences with their contacts, you will increase the satisfaction of your users and they will recommend it. This increases downloads of your app, it will build up a following for your app and thus increase your apps retention rates.

In addition, besides the users that already use your app and get satisfaction from your social media approach, people will promote your application for free with active posts about it and mention it to there friends.

If you are incorporating the heavy usage of you will improve your visibility even beyond your initial user base and luckily it will increase your audience drastically.

Be active in forums concerning your niche to get more installs for your app

Be active in forums concerning your niche to get more installs for your app.

This practice will attract people because you’re part of their world and can communicate with them on their level.

This will make your app much more likely to be recognized and approached by the users that you really need, the ones that understand your app and want to use it.

It will also be really important if you run social media ad campaigns like Facebook ads.

The more you can target your niche, the better the ROI for that campaign will be.

An example of this: Let’s say that you have an android app regarding the music world, the obvious place to attract people is a music community, right?

Approach feedbacks to get more installs for your app

Approach feedbacks to get more installs for your app.

On the internet, you can find tons of trolls everywhere. But your true followers, fans, and customers will give you positive reviews that can be used for growing. Encouraging and socializing with people through social media platforms may help to build a strong community supporting you.

So take the step and take every feedback into consideration and start to get more installs for your app.

Remember that your users’ rules, if they don’t like something, they will leave and replace you in a blink.

Follow their feelings, approach their needs and you’ll be leaving a strong bond between you and them and eventually build a great community around your app.

At least, try to reply to every comment that you get on your playstore page. This will help your App Store Optimization as well, as you can get more Keywords in the comment section.

The user takes time to review your app and give you feedback, so respond to it and show the world that you truly care about your users.

Contribute to others to get more installs for your app

Contribute to others to get more downloads for your app.

Competence is the number one source for true success, however, it must a respectable and serious competence.

When you help others you get experience, an idea about the competence’s audience and credibility among your community.

Join Facebook Groups in your niche, join forums, use Twitter and maybe start a blog about your niche.

That way you will become knowledgeable in your community and people will use your product.

The general rule to get more downloads for your app

Of course, a general rule that you must to practice in your daily basic is constancy.

If you don’t repeat these processes regularly, the results will differ from the planned ones.

Remember, people love to be part of something and if you cannot bring them that attention, they will bounce to another app.

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